Add Hardscape Spaces To Your Landscape This Fall

Hardscape spaces incorporate stone, brick, and other building elements to your property’s outdoor and landscaped areas, making more living spaces to enjoy nature and entertain friends and family. Fall is the perfect time to begin planning for hardscape ideas and projects as your lawn, plants, trees, and shrubs go into their dormant phase and the landscaping maintenance and upkeep take a back seat for the colder months ahead. Mansell Landscape has over 25 years of experience with hardscape design and installation and is ready to take on your next hardscape project!

Hardscape Tips & Tricks For Your Property

#1 Be Consistent

When planning out a new hardscape space for your property, keep in mind the existing building materials that already make up your home and other structures. If you have a wall made of large river stone and want to add a patio to that area, keep the stone color and size consistent. Your home and its landscaping should have a natural flow and not feel disconnected.

#2 Limit Straight Lines & 90 Degree Angles

Your hardscape area will be built from stone, cement, wood, and tile. These elements have a rigid makeup by nature. To keep them feeling natural and organic, avoid hard 90 degree corners, straight-line designs, and bulky turns and drops. Your hardscape needs to feel like it was a part of the landscape from the beginning, not added.

#3 Make Sure Drainage Is Present

Hardscape project areas take away natural soil and grass beds which soak up rain. Without a proper drainage plan, hardscape areas will collect water causing damage to the surface over time, making for hazardous walkways, and breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

#4 Blend The Hardscape & Landscape

When your hardscape and landscape areas meet, there should not be a divide. Let the two worlds collide instead. Add flowering vines to wrought iron rails, leave small soil beds for planted material inside the hardscape, and let the foliage around the hardscape spill over and join the two areas.

#5 Let The Hardscape Have A Purpose

Building hardscape areas for separation alone is a waste of time, money, and materials. Your hardscape area needs to serve a purpose. And patio with outdoor furniture, an outdoor bar or fireplace. Let your new hardscape area be an extension of your living space. A place to enjoy the outside and entertain with friends.

Hardscape & Landscape Design In Atlanta, GA

Mansell Landscape Management is a full-service lawn care company located in Woodstock, GA. With over 25 years in commercial and residential landscape services, the professional landscapers at Mansell Landscape can help you with all your landscaping needs. We provide metro-Atlanta with quality and affordable lawn care services, including Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Design, Commercial Lawn Care, Residential Lawn Care, Hardscaping Services, Lawn Treatment Services, and much more. Our experience in lawn care ranges from commercial lawn care to custom residential landscaping, to lawn care that improves property value. Our philosophy at Mansell Landscape Management is to combine the latest horticulture techniques with exceptional service to create guaranteed solutions. Contact us online or call (770) 517-0555 to get started!

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