Benefits Of Mulch For Your Yard

The maintenance and upkeep of your outdoor landscaping involve many factors. From the lawn to the plants, the shrubs to the trees. Weeding and watering. Soil levels and wildlife. But many do not know the benefits of mulch laid around your property and landscaping areas. Mulch is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to help the health and growth of your plants and landscaping aesthetics.

5 Benefits of Mulch On Your Property

What is mulch?

Mulch is a natural compound made up of wood or plant matter and comes in many varieties, types, and colors. Being a natural and mostly organic substance, mulch decomposes into your soil and helps in many different ways.

#1 Moisture

Mulch helps retain moisture by reducing water loss at the soil’s surface and keeping the necessary water needed for healthy growth from evaporation.

#2 Weed Control

Mulch makes blanket on the surface of your soil, blocking out sun rays from helping unwanted weeds grow in your landscaped areas.

#3 Temperature Control

Mulch also helps regulate the temperature of your soil and plants growing in it. By blocking out hot air during the summer and keeping the cold air away in winter, mulch becomes a natural thermostat for your soil.

#4 Soil Erosion

Laying mulch will help reduces runoff of soil and erosion from heavy rain and foot traffic. It also can help reduce the compaction of soil which prohibits healthy root growth and proper drainage.

#5 Fertilizes

As mulch ages and begins to break down, it becomes a nutrient to your soil and plants. This helps maintain proper levels of pH, minerals, and fertilizer for your soil and plants.

Mulch can play a big part in your landscape and yard and also brings a clean, and polished aesthetic to your property. Cedar and cypress mulch are also known to deter insects and are great for playground areas and outdoor living spaces.

Professional Landscaping In Atlanta, Ga

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