Easy Guide To Fall Leaf Removal

Autumn is a stunning season known for its mild climate and beautiful foliage. Late fall is a crucial time for lawn care and a vital part of lawn care this season is leaf removal. As lovely as Autumn is in Atlanta, removing the fallen leaves from your lawn is not usually known for being a fun task, but rather a time consuming and a tedious task. However, leaf removal is important for aesthetic and agronomic reasons. It is essential to clean leaves up right away as opposed to letting them sit on your lawn for too long. Not keeping up with leaf removal will lead to a blanket of leaves that will in time suffocate your grass and block it from getting the sunlight, water and nutrients it needs to survive.

Although turf grass growth slows as the temperature drops, photosynthesis continues. The energy from this process is stored to be used the following spring. If leaves are covering your lawn then this process is inhibited. Leaves will act as shade, blocking light that is essential for the photosynthesis process. Properly timed leaf removal will allow your lawn to breathe and be adequately nourished. Here are some leaf removal quick tips to help you clean up your lawn more efficiently.

Quick Tips for Leaf Removal

  • It is recommended to begin leaf removal after 25-30 % of the leaves have fallen. You should NOT wait until leaves have started to decompose and become molded and matted to remove them.Leaf Blower | Mansell Landscape Management
  • You should remove leaves at least two times each fall. Experts say you should remove leaves every 7-10 days.
  • Raking is an arduous task. If you choose to rake manually, ease your workload a bit by using an extra-wide rake with thin and extending prongs.
  • Use your leaf blower for the majority of dry leaves and then use a rake for the tougher wet leaves.
  • Raking or vacuuming and blowing leaves onto tarps makes for easier transport of leaves.
  • It is recommended to use a lawn mower to bag the leaves and transfer to an eco-friendly bag.
  • A great way to recycle your leaves is to use them to make compost. Pile your leaves up and mix in grass clippings to aid in decomposition. In a couple months, you’ll have compost.

Leaf cleanup requires a lot of work and manual labor, so if you do not have the time or you would simply prefer a professional to take care of the job, then contact us at Mansell Landscape Management. Raking up leaves can be a very time-consuming and painful task that may lead to a sore back or blisters on your hands. We offer year-round and seasonal landscaping programs that include the following:

  • Leaf Cleanup
  • Seasonal Color Programs
  • Plant Care
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