Fall Landscape Ideas


Fall is the perfect season to for landscaping, as it gives some much-needed relief from the brutal summer heat and humidity. With the impending cooler weather, now is the time to think about your fall landscape ideas. Fall is the perfect season to plant trees, shrubs and a number of perennials. Add a splash of fall color to your yard by adding orange, whites, yellows and brilliant reds to your landscape design.

In Georgia, there are many perennials and varietals available that can stand up to cooler weather and the little frost we see here in the days of fall and winter. Here are some landscape design ideas that will change your garden from drab to dazzling.

  • Many perennial salvias are known for their beautiful sprays of colorful early fall flowers.
  • Rudbeckia is a durable choice for the fall perennial garden.
  • Scottish heathers like Calluna Vulgaris can transform your garden into a colorful carpet in later summer and fall.
  • For great color, try Larkspur which is easy low maintenance and easy to grow from seeds sewn in the fall and will bloom in blues and whites!
  • Plant bright yellow daffodils in the fall once soil temperatures have cooled. They will do best in full sun or partial shade.
  • Pansies are also a great addition. Plant them now for color through the winter and spring. October is the perfect time to give them the ability to establish a strong root system before winter hits. They respond well to cool, moist, moderately fertile soil. Encourage their growth by pinching off the flower buds when you first plant them.

Don’t forget to keep your lawn clear of all the fallen leaves and have a nice short final cut and fertilization for winter. Once this is done, you can start thinking about your Thanksgiving dinner that is just around the corner! Contact us if you would like some help implementing your fall landscape ideas.

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