Hardscaping Projects Are Perfect For Winter

With the cold air and winter season upon us, our organic landscaping slows down and makes the perfect opportunity for hardscape landscaping projects. Hardscapes are projects involving bricks, stone, cement, and the construction of outdoor living spaces and walkways. Hardscaping involves heavy materials and heavy foot traffic and machinery around your grass, flowers, shrubs, trees, and waiting until winter helps minimize damage to the natural landscaping on your property. Mansell Landscape Management can help design, source, and execute your hardscaping projects without damaging your existing landscape.

Benefits To Winter Hardscaping Projects In Winter

#1 Quicker Turnaround

Landscaping companies tend to slow down in winter and have more availability and flexibility when it comes to scheduling and completing a project. Hardscape projects in winter allow you to choose your preferred schedule and have the job done in less time.

#2 Better Pricing & Costs

Because of the demand for work, landscaping professionals have more openings in their schedules and a need for work. This creates better pricing for labor and material costs.

#3 Minimizes Damage

Hardscape landscaping in winter helped cut back on damage to your existing property and natural landscape. As most organic landscape goes dormant, the hardscape materials, building process, and traffic will have less of an effect and cause less damage than it would in spring or summer.

#4 Ideal Temperatures

The winter in the south is milder than in other parts of the country. Our average temperatures make it a pleasant and comfortable work environment for the landscape crew and make the job move more efficiently and effectively.

#5 More Time To Enjoy Your Hardscape Area

By completing your hardscape design in the winter months, your project will be ready to be used come spring and summer. This makes for a wonderful outdoor aesthetic when the weather is nice and keeps the ugly mess that occurs during the hardscape building to be visible in spring.

Hardscaping Company In Atlanta, GA

At Mansell Landscape Management, we know landscape from the inside out. Our formal background is in landscape architecture and horticulture, so we understand landscape from a multi-dimensional perspective. Our background gives us the leverage and uniqueness to create guaranteed, custom solutions for lawn care and landscape. Call us at (770) 517-0555 or contact us online to get started on your landscape or hardscape project today!

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