How Often Should You Water Your Lawn In Summer

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map places Georgia in the 8A hardiness zone, becoming more and more of a tropical region for plants and grass to grow and thrive. This zone sees 245 avg growing days with the first frost not arriving until mid-November. So how often should you water your lawn? With all of this new data, the answer is multi-faceted and needs great attention. Mansell Landscape can help regulate, monitor, and schedule your lawn and plants for summer watering that keeps them healthy and growing without causing damage. Read our tips for summer watering and let us set up an irrigation system that meets the needs of your landscaping and property.

Proper watering tips for your lawn in summer

#1 Amount of water

Grass in Georgia needs one inch of water per week in the spring and summer seasons with natural rainfall and irrigation combined. You need to take into consideration how much rain will be forecast for each week as you schedule your watering plan. Too much water can cause diseases and fungus. Too little water and you will begin to see hotspots and burnt-up patches in your lawn.

#2 Time of day

The optimal time of day for irrigating your lawn is always in the early morning. The grass and roots are not exposed to the hot sun in the morning and the applied water has more time to be absorbed and not evaporated by heat. This timing also allows for the grass to completely dry before nightfall which helps mitigate diseases in the roots and blades.

#3 Frequency of watering

It is better to water fewer times with more saturation than it is to water many times a week with shorter watering times. Try to schedule your irrigation for 3 times a week in the early mornings during the summer days and 2 times a week in spring and early fall. If you are watering by hand, be sure to distribute the water evenly through the entire lawn.

#4 Hire a Professional Lawncare Service

Hiring Mansell Landscape Management will allow for your lawn to have the proper care and maintenance needed for healthy growth without the burden of time and anxiety put on you. We will monitor your irrigation system and the soil for the correct water levels and frequency and can help plan out a new irrigation system for your property if you need one installed.

It is best to always:

  • Check your irrigation system for leaks, cracks, and clogs monthly for all sprayer heads.
  • Set up separate zones for different plant matter, shaded areas, slopes, and sizes.
  • Sprayer heads need to be positioned only on the grass and plants to reduce runoff and waste

Professional lawn care and irrigation services in Atlanta, GA

At Mansell Landscape Management, we know landscape from the inside out. Our formal background is in landscape architecture and horticulture, so we understand landscaping from a multi-dimensional perspective. Our background gives us the leverage and uniqueness to create guaranteed, custom solutions for lawn care and landscape. Contact us online or call us at (770) 517-0555 today to get started.

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