5 Landscaping Tips for Transitioning From Summer to Fall

Ah, sweet summertime. Summertime landscape illustrates your yard with an array of gleeful geraniums, happy hydrangeas, and captivating fresh growth, but, as the summer begins to wind down and pumpkin spice lattes are making their way into our cupholders, we are hit with temperature fluctuations and elevated rain levels that can damage our beautiful landscape. This can lead to growth in your yard, or lack, thereof.

Here are our top 5 landscaping tips to end the summer right and keep the grass looking greener on your side.

  1. Rid the dead weight, literally. Remove all dead or dying branches, annuals, and leaves from your landscape. Then, sort the compost into two piles. One pile will be a trash pile, while the other pile you can reuse in the spring. Throw away compost that is insect-infested or diseased.
  2. Plant perennials. These are ideal for planting in the fall because they are extremely low-maintenance. *Pro Tip: Get creative! Planting perennials in a curved line (versus straight) alludes to a more appealing look for your lawn.
  3. Enhance your yard with trees and shrubs. These are also usually on-sale around late summer, and they tend to root in the winter.
  4. Fertilize. To help the grass continue to grow during the colder months, be sure to fertilize your lawn and rake the dead grass. Kill the weeds with a herbicide now, so they don’t come back in the spring. We currently offer a six application program tailored to your lawn needs, including applications of both pre and post emergents and proper fertilization. Please call us at (770) 517-0555 for a free estimate.
  5. Service your tools and lawn equipment. Fall is the perfect time to service your equipment, including your trimmer, shovels, and pruners. Make sure to give your lawn mower a good blade sharpening, an oil change, and a spark plug inspection.

If all of this seems overwhelming, or you just don’t have the time to complete these tasks, contact the landscape experts at Mansell Landscape Management today. We offer ongoing landscape maintenance, as well as seasonal landscaping programs. Contact us today for more landscaping tips and information about transitioning your yard from Summer To Fall.

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