Get Your Yard Ready for the Warm Months with Landscaping

Spring brings a lot of adventure, fun, and excitement into our lives. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are playing about, the flowers begin blooming, and we all get to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Your lawn should be a reflection of this new awakening. In other words, it should look beautiful, inviting, and well-manicured. You can easily do this by following a few simple steps. Here are a few helpful tips.

Start Weeding Your Lawn

Weeds will stifle the growth of grass on your lawn. These weeds produce new seeds in spring and will keep on multiplying until you weed them out. You can weed them out by using a weed killer, which is much easier to use than physically pulling them out one at a time. In addition, a weed killer permanently kills weeds while physically uprooting them may leave a couple of weeds intact.

Rake Your Lawn Thoroughly

Weeding your lawn will lead to a high amount of plant debris. Your lawn may have also gathered up other kinds of debris during winter. This debris will make your lawn look dirty and messy. It will also impede the growth of proper grass because debris will hinder seeds from taking root in the soil. Using a rake to remove lawn debris including fallen leaves is the best possible solution.

Work On Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are an essential part of your lawn but it is difficult for you to take care of them during winter. This is why they become a landscaping problem in the spring. At this time, trees and shrubs will have overgrown while the weather may have damaged some of them. You should trim your shrubs and scale back any overhanging tree limbs. Remove or trim all damaged branches. Make sure that all the trees and shrubs look neat, well groomed and properly manicured.

Prepare Your Soil

Landscaping is not just about the visible part of a piece of land. It also deals with the soil, which is something that people rarely think about when they see a lawn. You should aerate the soil on your lawn by loosening it up with a rake and then spreading a little moss over it. Remember, the level of aeration in the soil during winter is less than desirable. This is why preparing it when spring comes is so important. This preparation will increase the rate at which water, air and fertilizer move within the soil.

Other Landscaping Measures

These are the main landscaping measures you can take while preparing your lawn for spring and summer. Other landscaping measures include putting away any winter equipment that is currently on your lawn and straightening up certain areas such as sidewalks, pathways and driveways.

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