Late Summer Landscaping Tips

Atlanta’s summers continue way into September and unlike other parts of the country, a summertime landscaping routine needs to be maintained as the hot days abound. Following these simple tips will help keep your lawn and plants healthy as they prepare for the fall.

Useful Tips For Late Summer Landscaping

Things to Maintain:Weed Control | Mansell Lanscape

  • Keep mowing your lawn, and keep it at 3″ cut blade.
  • Pull your weeds from the root with your hands. Instead of cutting the head of the weed with the lawnmower, grab the weed from the root to remove the entire weed.
  • Choose the right fertilizer. Your late summer lawn may require a different fertilizer than you would use in the fall or winter. Make sure to do your research to find the best fertilizer for your end of summer lawn.
  • Make sure your lawnmower is on the correct setting.
  • Remove dead grass that is too thick so that sunlight, water, and oxygen can filtrate the roots.
  • Fertilize! Late summer and the beginning of fall is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn.
  • Aerate the soil. Your yard’s soil is more compacted during the summer months as it is prone to receive more foot traffic. Late summer is the ideal time to aerate your lawn.  You want to aerate your lawn so oxygen, fertilizer, and water can filtrate your grassroots. Make sure to avoid the spike-shaped aerate tools that only punch holes in the turf.

Things To Avoid:Dull Lawnmower Blade | Mansell Landscape

  • Cutting your grass too short. If you cut the grass too short, the roots will be exposed to sunlight and can actually burn your grass.
  • Lowering the cutting height until the year’s last two lawn cuttings.
  • Using a dull blade. After a full summer of yard cuttings, your lawn mower’s blades may become dull. If you mow your lawn with a dull blade, it can shred the grass and create an unkempt appearance.
  • Leaving thick, dead grass sitting on your lawn. Dead grass that is dense can actually block oxygen and sunlight from reaching the grassroots.

Landscaping Services In North Metro-Atlanta Area

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