Lawn Care Tips For Spring

April is finally here! Pollen is everywhere. And your lawn is starting to push up beautiful green blades of grass in preparation for the spring and summer growing season. Spring lawn maintenance is crucial to ensure a healthy and vibrant growing season throughout summer and into early fall. Mansell Landscape Management has an expert team of trained lawn and grass specialists to assist with your landscaping and lawn care. Read our lawn care tips for the spring and summer grass-growing season.

Lawn Care Tips For A Beautiful Yard

#1 Aerate Your Lawn

Spring is the perfect time to aerate your yard. Over time, foot traffic, rain, and gravity will make your soil compact and harder for the grassroots to receive the proper irrigation, oxygen, and nutrients needed for healthy growth. Aeration punctures the top level of your soil, creating holes for the grass to expand and flourish as it begins to grow for spring.

#2 Preemergent Application

Preemergent is a great tool for the suppression and irradiation of weeds in your grass. As the spring grass begins to grow, so do the pesky weeds. Preemergent will help defend against heavy weed growth and costly time and money hand-pulling weeds during the spring and summer seasons.

#3 Check Your Soil pH

As with soil compaction, over time, the soil pH balance will change. Monitor your soil’s pH with a pH reader. Grass likes a neutral pH so too acidic or too alkaline will both cause issues. There are also soil tests available online to test a sample of your soil and give a descript reading for the proper solution.

#4 Get Rid of The Dead

Thatching your lawn will help support the new grass growth and prevent fungus and other diseases from occurring during the cooler spring nights. Take a rake and thatch your yard to remove all the dead brown and yellowish blades left from the prior season.

#5 Sharpen The Blade

On the first cut of spring, your lawnmower should be sharpened and primed for a clean, razor-sharp cut. A dull blade will pull at the grass blades and do more harm than good. If you mow your own lawn, make sure your mower is sharpened, at the proper cutting level, and ready for the new spring growth.

Lawn Care and Yard Maintenance in Atlanta, GA

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