Spring Landscape Tips For Your Property

Spring is right around the corner and preparing your yard and property for spring landscape is crucial to maintain healthy grass, plants, trees, and the aesthetics of your home and surrounding areas. Mansell Landscape is here to help get your lawn and landscape in tip-top shape with expert lawn care and landscape maintenance plans and expert horticultural knowledge.

Here are spring landscape tips to help get started

#1 Clear Winter Debris

After a long winter, debris from trees and shrubs will accumulate all over your property. Be sure to scrub all landscape beds, yards, and gardens to remove dead leaves, sticks, twigs, and other debris.

#2 Fertilize Beds & Grass

March is the perfect time to lay preemergent and fertilizer down to promote healthy grass and gardens. This will also help alleviate the growth of unwanted weeds.

#3 Pull The Weeds

As the weather warms, weeds will begin to sprout under trees, bushes, garden beds, and in your lawn. Get a jump start on your weed barriers by pulling new weeds from their roots.

#4 Prune Back The Dead

Early spring is the ideal time to cut out any dead from trees, shrubs, and to prune back the summer blowing flowers on your property. Over the winter months, dead stems and branches will form and take nutrients from the healthy part of the plant until removed.

#5 Get Lawncare Maintenace

Having a regularly scheduled lawn care and landscape maintenance team inspect and work on your yard and landscape will minimize damage, fungus, weeds, and other harmful agents to your property. Mansell Landscape Management has the right team of experts to monitor and guard your landscape over the spring and summer months.

Spring Landscape Management In Atlanta, GA

At Mansell Landscape Management, we know landscape from the inside out. Our formal background is in landscape architecture and horticulture, so we understand landscaping from a multi-dimensional perspective. Our background gives us the leverage and uniqueness to create guaranteed, custom solutions for lawn care and landscape. Call us at (770) 517-0555 or contact us online and transform your yard today!

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