Summer Flowers That Survive The Georgia Heat

The summers in Georgia get hot and planning out your summer garden and landscape can be challenging if you do not know the proper guidelines for the individual items you want to plant. Mansell Landscape is here to help. With over 25 years of horticulture and landscape experience, we can help pick the perfect summer flowers for your garden and property that will survive the hot summer heat.

5 Summer Flowers For Your Georgia Garden

#1 Lantana Lantana Summer Flower | Mansell Landscape

Lantana shrubs are a member of the Verbena family and a mature plant can grow as big as 6 feet tall and wide. They produce beautiful flowers and are extremely tolerant to heavy sunlight and heat.

#2 Egyptian Star Flower Egyptian star Flower | Mansell Landscape

With origins in East Africa, it is no surprise that this summer flower loves the heat and is drought tolerant. They produce a wonderful flower that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

#3 Summer SnapdragonSummer Snapdragons | Mansell Landscape

Summer Snapdragons also attract hummingbirds and are deer resistant as a bonus. They are available in a variety of colors and will produce buds all summer long without having to deadhead older ones.

#4 Black Eyed SusanBlack eyed Susan | Mansell Landscape

These hardy flowering plants are also deer resistant and flourish in hot Georgia heat. Their unique flower is a wonderful addition to any garden or landscaped area.

#5 ZinniaZinnia Flower | Mansell Landscape

These little round buds love the Georgia heat and come in a large selection of colors. They are perfect for planters, pots, or your landscape or garden.

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