Try These Flower Bulbs To Plant In Fall

Beautiful bulbs intertwined harmoniously together, your garden is a visual creation that represents a chromatic art form. Combining the components of seasons, weather, timing, and vision, gardening is multi-dimensional and thrives differently amid the seasons. The design process is characteristic of the time of the year, and during the fall, there are many benefits to gardening. Gardening in the fall is pure perfection— cooler weather exists, insects and the diseases associated are lessened, and less watering needs to be completed. There are many flower bulbs to plant in fall that will flourish come spring. 

Usually foolproof and typically easy to maintain, the term bulb refers to a diversity of plants with a large stem in which the plant grows each year. Bulbs are planted in the fall and bloom in the spring, needing only moisture and sunny days to thrive. Planting fall bulbs is a novice and expert gardener favorite.

Check out our guide to fall landscaping and let us help you pick the best bulbs to plant in the fall.

Darwin Hybrid Tulip: 

Vibrantly orange but ranging from red to pink to even yellow, these tulips are the most heightened tulips and are beautifully colored, making them a perfect fall bulb.


These beautiful fall bulbs are persistent, easy to maintain, and ultimately fool-proof. Plant daffodil flower bulbs in the fall, do nothing and anticipate gorgeously vibrant saturated shades of yellow in the spring.


Delivering crown-like foliage, these flower beauties create diversity in your garden with their upside-down exhibition.

Dutch Iris: 

Coming in a range of colors, these bulbs are small with thin and dainty stems, but once bloomed, they deliver a richly iridescent appearance to your garden.


Easy to grow and maintain, buttercups range in colors and deliver innocent beauty to gardens with their ability to create a rug of color. 

Tips For Flower Bulbs To Plant In Fall:

  • Plant fall bulbs in clusters, either small or large, for a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement with a focus on the concentration of colors.
  • Look for bulbs that are plump and firm, and avoid bulbs that are soft.
  • Wait until September when the soil temperatures have dropped to plant bulbs. 

Your garden is a work of art, and fall is the ideal time to plant beautiful bulbs with very minimal effort delivering a harmoniously beautiful arrangement in the spring. For more lawn care tips or to schedule lawn care maintenance, call us today at (770) 517-0555 or contact us here

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