Try These Winter Landscaping Ideas

Many people think landscaping is solely important during the spring and summer months. But landscaping is a year-round practice that needs constant attention and maintenance. Mansell Landscape has winter landscaping ideas for your home and property that will elevate your landscaping, visual aesthetics, home value, and bring more entertainment and excitement when spring arrives.

Winter Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

#1 Outdoor Fire Pit

A nice fire draws visitors to its light and warmth. Create a spot in your yard or on a patio to place a fire pit, which can be used to invite holiday guests outside if the weather permits. Circle your fire pit with chairs draped with warm wool blankets and share s’mores around the fire for dessert.

#2 Plant Winter Flowers

Camellias and hellebores are staples of winter gardens. Plant several kinds so you’ll have plenty of different colors on hand to brighten up the inside of your home. Another great winter flower is the pansy. They deliver lots of blooms over a long period of time and they come in a wide variety of colors.

#3 Add Landscape Lighting

Cast some light on your outdoor spaces and you’ll tend to use them more in the dark days of winter. Make sure your fixtures are appropriate to the style of your home. Position landscape lighting to focus on interesting trees or charming paths leading to your front door. Uplighting is a beautiful way to showcase your home and its outdoor plants and surroundings. Landscape lighting also brings added security to your property.

#4 Plant Winter Shrubs

There are many perennial shrubs that can be planted in winter and survive the cold season. Red Cornus and Hollies add a nice contrast of color against the graying winter landscape. Be sure to clip branches for a festive pop of red in your holiday decor.

#5 Use Stones to Create Definition

Stone edging adds clean lines, an organized aesthetic, and a powerful definition to your landscaping areas. This will also help reduce water run-off and weed growth, giving you less to landscape maintenance to tend to in the cold temperatures.

#6 Freshen Up That Paint

Winter is a perfect time to pull out the paint cans and refinish or touch up fencing, outdoor furniture, stone and paved walkways, and outside window trim. A new coat of paint will help make your home and its landscaping pop while keeping a tidy and clean look to your property.

#7 Plant Evergreens

Evergreens have a lush and vibrant green color year-round and also provide privacy and natural barriers when positioned properly. Cypress trees, boxwoods, mountain laurels, and inkberry hollies are great examples of evergreens that can survive the winter season and add color to your landscape in the cold months.

#8 Add Colorful Mulch

Colored mulch will bring your beds and planted surfaces a beautiful pop of color while keeping the ground and root balls warm and allowing proper drainage from rain to occur. Mulch also deters insects and funguses that can be harmful to your plants and trees.

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