Turn your Landscape into a Winter Wonderland

Gardeners know that after the lush, beautiful colors from the fall fade away, winter brings a lot of gray and white to their yard (especially if this winter is anything like the last). You may not be able to plant any new flowers or trees, but there are things you can do to make your landscape more beautiful in the winter. Here are a few of our tips for keeping your landscape beautiful in the winter:

  1. Hardscape: Sometimes the solution for lackluster landscape isn’t a plant at all. Winter is the best time to consider hardscape – with everything so barren, you have the opportunity to really assess your yard to find what is missing. We recommend a trellis, a bench, a gazebo, an arbor, a fountain, or even a garden statue. Hardscape really is the best way to add something extra to your landscape in the winter.
  2. Plant Evergreens: Evergreens, by nature, do not drop their leaves in the wintertime, making them an excellent choice to liven up your landscape in the colder winter months in Georgia. Here in Atlanta, evergreens can be either needled or broadleaf. Needled evergreens include: Pines, Junipers, and Hemlock. Broadleaf evergreens include: Hollies, Rhododendrons, and Mountain Laurel. When choosing which evergreens to plant, be sure to take into consideration how much sunlight the area receives.evergreen
  3. Trees with Berries: There are many trees and shrubs that can hold their barriers all year round, making them a great addition to your winter landscape. Two great options we would recommend are: holly with berries and/or crabapples. Both of these will add a pop of color that will last all winter-long.
  4. Four-Season Perennials: Some perennials have evergreen foliage making them a great option for your landscape all year round. For example: ornamental grasses, hellebores, and dianthus (which has beautiful low-creeping foliage). When choosing four-season perennials, be sure to closely look at the label and make sure the plant has foliage in the winter.
  5. Choose Interesting Containers: In the winter it is important to water your evergreen plants during dry periods. Using containers that you normally use in the summertime is a great option for these smaller plants. An empty barrel, flower box, hanging planter, or even a wheel barrel are all great options to hold these plants in the winter and enhance your winter landscape.


If the thought of landscaping in the fall and winter makes you cringe, then consider hiring a professional Landscape Management company. Here at Mansell Landscape Management, we offer year-round landscape management as well as seasonal color programs. Contact us today for more information and to help turn your landscape into a Winter Wonderland.

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