Winter Landscape Tips For Your Property

The fall is here and colder weather is upon us. With temperatures dropping and the winter months setting in, it is important to know the key factors for winter landscape that will help keep your potted plants, trees, shrubs, and lawn healthy and damage-free while they lay dormant for the winter season. Mansell Landscape Management works year-round to ensure your lawn and property are taken care of and managed for the best growth, landscaping, and hazard prevention for your yard and plants.

5 Winter Landscape Tips

#1 Protect Your Potted Plants

Your potted plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits cannot withstand the cold, winter air. To ensure their safety, move them inside to a climate-controlled area or a greenhouse. Bigger plants can be covered in burlap or bed sheets when temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Potted plants have no heat barrier as the porous pots allow for cold air to penetrate the roots. This also protects terra cotta pots from cracking and becoming damaged.

#2 Prepare Your Lawn

Your grass will go dormant in the winter months but this does exclude it from weather extremities and diseases. Make sure your grass is cut at the proper length before the growing period ends and that your watering schedule is curbed to give less moisture to the lawn. During winter storms, all leaves, twigs, and debris must be removed from the lawn surface to prevent fungus and damage to the grass and roots.

#3 Prune Dead Limbs From Trees

Right before the leaves fall from your trees is a great time to discover dead limbs for removal. Trees send their nutrients and water to all parts that extend off the trunk and removing dead limbs will help the healthy parts flourish in the winter. This also prevents damage to your home and property from dead branches that fall during snowfall and winter storms.

#4 Hardscape Protection

Your hardscape living areas are just as susceptible to the winter elements as your plants and lawn. Be sure to apply sealants to porous rock, stones, and brick areas to block out moisture and snow. Use deicing salts to quickly melt snow accumulation on hardscape areas.

#5 Protect Your Shrubs & Bushes

Some shrubs and bushes can be damaged by frostbite, freezing rain, and snowfall. Use plant tarps to cover your bushes before these inclement weather patterns set in and remove during sunny, daylight hours.

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