7 Ways to Create Curb Appeal for your Home this Spring

As the weather starts to warm up this Spring, it is a great time to start making some improvements to the exterior of your home. There are so many improvements you can make to your home to add curb appeal to your home this season. The first thing that someone sees when visiting your house is the exterior of your home and you want your home to make a good impression. Fortunately not all curb appeal projects require emptying your wallet in order to provide a large return on your investment.  In fact, recent trends suggest that smaller projects can be a better investment than large scale remodels. Simple projects can add value to your home, and make it a more attractive, better place to live.

Here are 7 tips to help you create curb appeal for your home this Spring:

  • Maintain your Lawn: Even if your home and driveway are perfectly maintained, a weedy, brown lawn can kill your curb appeal.  Feed your grass and keep your lawn well hydrated in order to maintain curb appeal.
  • Plant Some Color: Add some color to the front of your home with flowers, either in the ground or in pots. Annuals are a cheap, but temporary, option.  Flowering shrubs and perennials will typically be more expensive, but will keep producing year after year.
  • Add Hardscaping: Adding hardscaping to your front yard will require some elbow grease, but will eventually pay off in the added curb appeal. Using salvaged materials is a great way to save money on this project.
  • Put in Landscape Lighting: Soft, accent lighting makes a home appear friendly and welcoming. Solar stake lights are available for a few dollars each, and just a few lights lining flowerbed or a walkway can make a huge difference. For lights that will truly impress, wired accent lighting is a great option.
  • Makeover Your Mailbox: The first impression of your home’s personality is the often-overlooked mailbox. There are infinite options for making over your mailbox from spray paint to magnetic decals to adding brick. If you want to put your creativity to work and really wow your guests, you can create a mailbox that fits your home’s style and personality.
  • Upgrade Your House Numbers: When people, especially potential buyers, come to visit your home for the first time, they are looking for the house number. The house number is the first thing that a new guest to your home will see when coming to your home. It seems like such a minute detail, but appealing house numbers can make your home to instantly stand out.  You can find a wide variety of choices at your local hardware store, or you can get crafty and make your own.
  • Keep It Clean: The easiest way to increase your home’s curb appeal is to maintain what you already have.  Cut your grass, weed your flowerbeds, sweep your porch, clean your gutters, and wash your windows. This will not cost much more than a few hours of your weekend and can make an astounding difference.

In addition to being an excellent way to increase your home’s value, curb appeal tends to be contagious.  If your neighbors see you making improvements to your front yard, they might be motivated to work on their own homes, and before you know it, your whole block is better looking and more valuable! If you prefer to leave these improvements to a professional, Mansell Landscape Management can help! We offer ongoing landscape maintenance as well as seasonal landscape plans. Contact Us to start increasing your home’s curb appeal today.

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