Getting Ready For Spring Landscaping

After the cold winter season and heavy rainfall, your lawn and landscaping are in great need of some love and care. Spring landscaping is just around the corner and preparing your property and yard for the growing season is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn, lush grass, and flourishing shrubs, plants, and trees. Before you begin the planting season, it is smart to take these simple steps to improve your lawn’s health and promote a vigorous spring and summer landscape aesthetic.

Use these steps to wake up your yard and property for spring

#1 Rake Away Thatch & Debris

Your grass goes dormant in the winter and dead “thatch” will appear on the top layer of your yard. This dead matter needs to be raked and removed to help the new grassroots breathe and begin to grow. The winter storms also bring about debris from above which can cause fungal diseases and root rot. Be sure to clear out any leaves, sticks, dirt, and build in and around your yard.

#2 Trim Back The Dead

During the winter months, dead limbs and foliage appear in your shrubbery, plants, and trees. Before the new leaves form, cut out all the dead that you can reach. This will help the canopy of the trees and the shape and strength of bushes and plants during the growing season.

#3 Remove The Weeds

Nothing gets in the way of healthy plant growth like insightful weeds. And come early spring, they begin to pop up everywhere in your lawn and property. Inspect all the outdoor areas around your home and remove weeds from the root system. Pulling weeds is the most effective way to rid them from your yard and prevent them from reappearing.

#4 Hire A Professional Landscaping Service

At Mansell Landscape Management, we have the years of experience and trained professionals to properly and efficiently prepare and maintain your lawn and property for spring and summer landscaping. Keeping a landscaping service on a regular schedule will help ensure proper growth, minimize diseases and damage, and will help cut costs by having a watchful eye on your plants and lawn as the spring and summer seasons gear up.

Spring Landscape Services In Atlanta, GA

At Mansell Landscape Management, we know landscape from the inside out. Our formal background is in landscape architecture and horticulture, so we understand landscape from a multi-dimensional perspective. Our background gives us the leverage and uniqueness to create guaranteed, custom solutions for lawn care and landscape. Call us at (770) 517-0555 or contact us online and transform your yard today!

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