Pros & Cons of Seed and Sod For Your Lawn

Springtime is here again and that means our lawns are ready for new growth and lush, green landscapes. But after the winter month, many yards need some attention to get growing properly again. The two ways to establish a lawn are with sod or with seed. Both come with benefits and disadvantages and we are here to help you decide which is better for your lawn this spring.

Pros and Cons to Seed and Sod

Seeding your yard

Seeding your yard is pretty straight forward. You can purchase bagged seed from most home improvement stores, hardware stores, and plant nurseries and distribute over your lawn without a lot of effort or time. Seeding also is perfect for lawns that just need some touch in spots and do not require a whole makeover.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • Variety of grasses to choose from
  • Strong root establishment over time


  • Prone to weeds
  • Takes longer to grow
  • Smaller window for prime planting times
  • Greater chance of erosion from rain

Sodding your yard

Sodding involves the purchase of established squares of grass already embedded into dirt with a root system that is to be laid out like a puzzle on your lawn’s surface. Sod is usually delivered to your home on pallets and are carefully cut and shaped to fit the size and layout of your yard. Sodding is best for lawns that need a complete redo or facelift.


  • Instant results for your lawn
  • Weed resistant
  • Establishes quickly
  • Flexible planting times


  • High cost
  • Needs lots of preparation
  • Limited grass varieties
  • Intense labor

No matter which process is better for your lawn, both seeding and sodding take focused preparation and care. Grass is a delicate organism and its upkeep relies on many factors from weather to soil, varietal to geography. Hiring Mansell Landscape Management to monitor and nurture your lawn on a scheduled basis will help bring peace of mind and lush and vibrant grass to your home or property.

Professional Lawncare In Atlanta, GA

Maintaining quality landscapes has been our business for 18 plus years. Located in the heart of Woodstock, GA, we service the north metro Atlanta area. From commercial properties to residential lawns, we take care of all your lawn and shrub care needs. Let us create a customized landscape maintenance program to meet your needs. Contact us online or call us today at (770) 517-0555

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