How to Transition Your Yard From Winter To Spring

In Atlanta, there may not be months of ice and snow, but there is still a transitional period from winter to spring. Turf and other plant material are coming out of the shorter, cooler days and need attention. Here are some landscaping care tips to help you seamlessly transition your yard from Winter to Spring.

  • Mowing: Resist the urge to mow the brown, warm-season grass until it is fully out of dormancy and actively growing. The brown layer of grass provides the growing turf a cushion of insulation against the cold. Make sure to leave the clippings on the lawn this year, as they provide nutrients back into the lawn. Sweeping or blowing clippings back onto the lawn also helps protect local water quality.
  • Irrigation: An irrigation system is basically outdoor plumbing and vital to the health of a turf on a property. It requires regular maintenance to keep it running correctly. Now is the time to replace or readjust clogged or broken heads to ensure the water is absorbed into the turf.
  • Fertilization: A soil test can answer questions about fertilizer nutrient contents and specific types for turfs. It is best to test for pH, phosphorous and potassium at a minimum. Choose a fertilizer based on the plants’ needs and desired results. It is also important to sweep fertilizer granular off hard surfaces, such as sidewalks, driveways and streets, to prevent fertilizer from getting into the local water system.
  • Ornamental plants: It is important to trim away any dead limbs. For example, when azaleas have stopped blooming, you can safely cut them back to rejuvenate them. If needed, carefully apply a fresh layer of mulch, no more than a couple inches deep, and keep direct contact away from the trunk of ornamentals.

Finally, get ready to enjoy the spring season with a stunning and healthy landscape. If you would like some help tending a dormant lawn, installing dormant sod, or choosing the right turf grass for spring installation, then consider hiring a professional Landscape Management company. Here at Mansell Landscape Management, we offer year-round landscape management as well as seasonal color programs. Contact us today for more information.

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