Keep your Lawn Healthy Through the Cold Months: Atlanta Winter Lawn Care Tips

After the first snowfall of 2016, Winter has officially arrived in Georgia. The weather forecasts include snow and ice this season as the temperature continues to drop. Meteorologists predict a winter this year to rival the 2014 Atlanta “Snowpocalypse”. Whether or not we experience another ice storm, good seasonal lawn care is crucial during cold weather. Keep your landscape healthy during the dormant season with these winter lawn and landscaping tips.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

  • Lawns are easily over-watered throughout the winter, but it’s just as easy to let turf grass dry out while it’s dormant. Make sure you water your lawn at least 1 inch a week. Adapt your watering schedule to the temperature, precipitation, and other factors that may affect the health of your turf grass.
  • Don’t walk on your grass. In the warmer months sod is springy and resilient, but during winter its delicate and weak as its energy is redirected to the roots. Avoid walking across your lawn whenever possible, especially in early morning when frost makes your grass more frail susceptible to damage.
  • Remove organic debris from your grass. This includes fallen tree branches, leaves, and other organic waste that can encourage bacteria and disease in winter turf grass. Piled up leaves can smother your grass, but removing them will allow your lawn to breathe and be adequately nourished.
  • If your winter landscape looks more like a muddy field, consider winter sod installation. Dormant sod roots grow slowly this time of year but once the temperature rises, the grass will take off. So, cover up that muddy field and get a jump-start on establishing a new lawn.

February Landscaping Tips

  • Plan your spring landscape.
  • Refill and refresh winter mulch.Winter Landscaping Tips for Spring
  • Trim and prune trees and woody plants in early February.
  • Remove dead flower heads from pansies and other winter-blooming flowers to encourage further blooming.
  • Use a spade, shovel, or spading fork to turn the soil in empty flowerbeds to break up dirt clumps and divulge insect eggs.
  • If you’re a bird lover, replenish bird feeders and birdbaths.

If you would like some help tending a dormant lawn, installing dormant sod, or choosing the right turf grass for spring installation, then consider hiring a professional Landscape Management company. Here at Mansell Landscape Management, we offer year-round landscape management as well as seasonal color programs. Contact us today for more information.

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