Landscaping Tips for the Summer: How to Keep Your Yard Looking Lush

Home owners in Georgia take pride in their lawns, keeping them immaculate throughout the summer. However, as you may know, this can be extremely challenging in the scorching temperatures in June. How can you keep your lawn looking lush this month and throughout the entire summer? Here are a few helpful tips that will aid you in keeping your lawn looking beautiful this year:

Do Not Overwork Your Lawn
Even if you are watering your grass frequently or fertilizing and treating your lawn often, you may still find that your grass is dying when the temperatures get too hot or we go too many days without rain. You may be stressing your grass by over-watering or fertilizing/treating it too often. It’s important to remember that less is often more when it comes to your lawn.

Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short
Your grass may be growing faster than normal so you may be tempted to cut it shorter. Longer grass has a tendency to take longer to dry out. The roots are deeper in the ground, which helps the grass reach lower reserves of water.

Consider Stone Pathways to Preserve Your Lawn
If your lawn sees a lot of foot traffic in the summer, you may want to think about hardscaping options, such as a stone pathway. Excessive foot traffic can damage your lawn, and a stone walkway will give visitors a better space on which to walk. Stone pathways, fountains, and gazebos are a great way to add some flare to your lawn as well and increase the value of your home.

Keep Your Lawn Hydrated
Make sure your grass gets 1 inch of water per week. That is the proper amount it needs to maintain its lush appearance. For best results, water your lawn in the morning. Increasing the time in between watering sessions trains your grass to deal with droughts better, and it will conserve water as well.

Here at Mansell Landscape Management, we want to help you keep your lawn looking lush this summer. Follow the above landscaping tips for the best results. Contact us if you need further assistance or to implement our landscaping tips or hardscaping designs in your lawn.

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