Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Summer Lawn

The heat that comes with the summer months can be stifling at times. It can be tempting to just sit inside with a glass of lemonade, but your lawn isn’t going to take care of itself. It’s important to maintain your yard properly so that you can be sure you are keeping the best possible appearance this summer. If you are planning on selling your home, this is especially important. Most potential buyers will not even want to look inside a home if the outside of the home does not look properly maintained, and this includes the lawn. Here are a few tips for keeping your healthy summer lawn.

Add White Flowers to Your Yard

white flowers

While bright-colored flowers such as yellow and red are always great for catching the attention of visitors, during the summer months, white flowers can help to make your lawn look cooler and more inviting. There are a ton of options for white flowers, and many of these plants will hold up well in the heat. Don’t rip out the brightly-colored flowers you already have planted, though. Adding white flowers to the already planted flowers will help to balance the appearance of your flowers.

Add as much Shade as Possible


There are ways to add some shade to your lawn. You may want to plant some larger plants that will help to provide more shade. You can also use accessories such as umbrellas and lawn ornaments to give your lawn the appearance of being well shaded and cool.

Keep Your Plants Watered

6930427_sIf you live in a dry area, make sure you are watering your plants adequately. It is all too easy for many plants to dry up in the heat of the warmest summer months. Make sure this doesn’t happen. You need to keep yourself well hydrated when you are out in the sun for long hours, and your plants need to be well hydrated, too!


Keep Grass and Plants Well Maintained

Make sure you are mowing the lawn, trimming your shrubs, and maintaining your lawn. The best way to make sure your lawn continues to look its best is to ensure that you are taking care of it when it needs to be taken care of.

There are many ways to make sure your lawn looks attractive throughout the summer. Make sure you follow the above tips in order to continue maintaining a healthy summer lawn. For more information about our ongoing Landscape Maintenance, check out our website: 

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