Maintaining a Well Manicured Lawn with Pets

There is nothing better then looking outside and seeing your beautiful, maintained green grass. One thing that can really ruin that is a brown, dead patch of grass. Landscape maintenance is important for many reasons: to you it is important for aesthetic reasons, but if you have pets that play outside, landscape maintenance it is important for their health and safety. Here are three simple tips that will help you keep your grass looking good and your pet safe and happy:

  1. Prevent and repair pet damage:Lawn with Pets Toxins in your pet’s urine cause those unwanted brown spots ringed by dark green, fast-growing grass. Flushing the affected areas with water as soon as possible and mowing grass high will help lessen the effect. A more permanent and effective solution is to create a mulched area at the back of your yard and train your pets to go to the bathroom there.
  2. Feed your lawn on a regular schedule: Keeping up with a fertilization and maintenance schedule will aid in creating thick, strong turf that will stand up to heavy use. Just be sure to keep your pets off the lawn after applying any lawn product. This will help activate the fertilizer and will prevent it from being tracked into the house.
  3. Keep your pet well hydrated: Good water consumption will help to decrease urine concentration. You can do this by having water containers in several locations for your pets. Other strategies include adding water to the dry food, or feeding canned food. Ask your veterinarian about adding some canned dog foods or water to your dog’s food to help dilute urine.

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