Benefits to Planting in the Fall

Fall is a fantastic time for planting, and there are some significant benefits to planting in the fall as opposed to the spring. The cooler air temperatures in the fall make planting easier on both the plants and the gardeners. Perennials, trees, shrubs, turf grass, mums, spring-blooming bulbs, and cool-season vegetables can all be successfully planted in the fall. If you are interested in planting bulbs for spring you might want to consider planting tulips or daffodils.

Autumn soil is still warm between 55 and 75 degrees, which allows roots to continue to grow until the ground freezes in the winter. During the fall, a plant’s leaf and flower production is normally slowing down and approaching dormancy. Therefore, a plant can focus its budding energy on root production, which means that the roots can continue to grow even when other parts of the plant cannot. Plants with an established root system are better equipped to withstand heat and wind the following spring and summer.

Planting in the Fall

Fall usually includes more days for planting due to the unpredictable weather and abundance of rain in the spring that makes working the soil nearly impossible. Another bonus of planting in the fall is that your plants will require less water due to autumn’s cooler temperatures. Milder temperatures and more dependable rainfall help plants acclimate quicker in the fall than they would in the spring.

Autumn rain is typically lavish, but it is actually easier to deeply water plants if it does not rain at least an inch per week. An added benefit to planting in the fall is that pests and disease problems diminish during the season.

You do not need fertilizer in the fall because it promotes fresh, gentle growth that can be affected by harsh winter weather. It is best to stop fertilizing by late summer. The window for planting in the fall generally ends about six weeks prior the first hard frost. September and October provide ideal temperatures to get perennial plants off to a great start.

Planting in the Fall

Another great perk to planting in the fall is that plants and supplies should be on sale because garden centers are trying to get rid of their inventory before winter. Plant nursery prices may actually be lower as they start to make room for Christmas trees in the winter. Many nurseries will mark their perennials and shrubs up to 20% off in the fall because they would like to unload plants so they do not have to water them throughout the winter.

If you would like some help planting this fall contact us at Mansell Landscape Management. We can help create a fabulous fall landscape for your home. We offer ongoing landscape maintenance, as well as seasonal landscaping programs. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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