Transitioning Your Landscaping From Summer To Fall

The transition from summer to fall is the perfect time to work on landscape projects. With the cooler, fall weather around the corner it is time to start thinking about how you can preserve your landscaping and get it ready for the change in temperature. Here are our suggestions to get your landscape ready for cooler weather:

Plant Grass:
The most noticeable features of your landscaping is your grass. If you’re going to spend the money to plant grass, you’re going to want to make sure you choose the correct grass for your climate, and that you are planting during the correct season. Here in Georgia, with the hot/humid summer temperatures, it is best to plant grass in the early fall. This is because temperatures start to get a little cooler, and the sun will not hinder the growth of the grass like it would if you planted grass back in July. Be sure to hire a skilled landscape management company that knows which grass seeds will flourish in your location and when it should be planted.


Plant Shrubs and Spring Bulbs:
Late August to early November is the best time to plant shrubs in the south. You definitely want to wait until the hottest days have passed so that the shrubs don’t suffer from heat or dryness. But keep in mind, some shrubs go dormant during the colder months, and if that is the case for the shrubs you are planting then it is best to plant them in late November.

Spring bulbs, depending on the climate where you live, can be planted as early as August. Here in Atlanta, it is best to plant spring bulbs in late fall.

Adjust your Mowing Height:
Many of us raise the height of our mower blades in the summertime, and if you have done so, be sure return the mower deck to its normal mowing height. It is best to keep your grass about 2 inches tall in the fall. This helps the grass from matting down under leaves. Just make sure you don’t cut your grass too short, as it will become more susceptible to weeds.


A few additional tips for getting your landscaping ready for the fall:

  • Rid your yard of weeds
  • Repair dead patches of grass
  • Lay sod
  • Check for thatch
  • Remove fallen leaves

If all of this seems overwhelming, or you just don’t have the time to complete these tasks, contact the landscape experts at Mansell Landscape Management today. We offer ongoing landscape maintenance, as well as seasonal landscaping programs. Contact us today for more information about transitioning your landscaping from Summer To Fall.

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